Our studios has wide windows, which can provide you with super beautiful daylight. All the windows can be covered completely to darken the space and to give you the maximum light control. Modular and adjustable lighting equipment have been provided to create any type of lighting layout needed. Any package you choose, we will provide you with all standard lighting equipment FOR FREE. With our easy loading facility and freight elevator you are welcome to bring in any object or item you need for your shooting.

LAC Studios has FREE full amenities:

• Wi-Fi
• Makeup station
• Dressing station
• Large mirrors
• Clothing rack
• Audio system

There are many great cafes and restaurants around the studio with delivery option available.

Studio A

Studio B


We offer you a unique and amazing view of Downtown LA from our rooftop. Our huge rooftop gives you access to enjoy shooting in daytime or evening time and catching the fabioulos light effects on the high-rises in the background.