What Other Services We Offer?

With our creative and experienced artists and designers at LAC Studios, we can offer you wide range of services for studio rental, photography and graphic design. Complementary services are offered such as model resourcing and scheduling, photo designing and concept development.

Rental Photo/Video Studio

Rental Equipped Studio for Photography, Cinematography, Commercial Video, Music Video, Art Show Venue, Special Events Venue

Perfect For Most Types of Shootings

Fully Equipped Modern Studio for High Quality Shooting Projects and Creating Amazing Photographs and Videos

Professional Photography

Fashion & Beauty, Portrait & Head Shot, Editorial, Commercial, Product, and Any Photo/Video Shooting Services

Make Your Picture or Product Stand Out

Without charging you extra for the Studio, we photograph your project. Brilliant color spaces, innovative lighting layout, best shooting angles and premium quality of equipment and technology are all applied in every single photograph we take.


Web Design, Catalog, Brochure, Banner, Poster, Business Card, Logo, Photo Retouching, Video Editing, and Any Graphic Design Services

Advanced Digital Services

We help you improve your project to even a higher levels. Professional design and edition services are available to turn your photo or video to a unique piece of material that promotes your talent, business or personal essence.

All You Need At One Place

By using any of our premium services and expertise, you don’t need to search everywhere for different talents and end up paying a lot of money. We can help you finishing professionally the missing puzzles of your project at the most reasonable rates. Just ask us about the services!